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Condizioni del sito Gutibikerent
Conditions for the rental of E-bikes, Vespa, SUP, Kayak
These conditions are an integral and substantial part of the contract.

This contract is valid only if completed in its entirety, upon presentation of an identity document valid for the requested rental period, countersigned by an adult.


The use of the leased property is reserved for adults. Any minor must be accompanied by an adult who assumes full responsibility on behalf of the same by signing this form.


Upon signing this contract, the lessee is required to pay the amount visible on the booking platform as a security deposit. The aforementioned amount will be reserved for the entire duration of the contract to guarantee the correct execution and return of the goods. In the event of an accident, theft, loss, total or partial deterioration of the property, as well as failure to pay the amount due, the lessee hereby authorizes the lessor to withhold said sum as an advance.


The lessee declares to know the rules of the highway code, to be equipped with technical expertise, adequate physical capacity and appropriate competence in the use and management of the leased property, to have read and accept the aforementioned conditions.


For the entire duration of the contract, the leased asset is to be considered exclusively as a means of transport, competitions, reckless maneuvers and exhibitions of any kind are prohibited, as well as participation in competitions, of any level, whether competitive or not.


The lessee declares that he will collect the object of the contract in perfect working order and maintenance, free from faults and defects. Any damage, faults and/or defects must be reported in the appropriate box when signing the contract.


Together with the leased asset, the lessor will deliver to the lessee a helmet, a padlock and an anti-puncture kit (including foam canister, air canister, inner tube). The cost of the kit, equal to € 10.00, will be charged only in case of effective use. In the event of loss and/or deterioration of the aforementioned goods, a cost of €25.00 will be charged to the lessee.


The return of the rented property must take place within the date and time agreed in the appropriate box. Returns with a delay of more than an hour, or a fraction thereof, will result in the application of an extraordinary rate of €10 per person, for each hour of delay, or fraction thereof, until the actual delivery of the goods.


In the event that the return cannot be made within the scheduled time, the lessor must be notified at no. 389 55 397 75 at least 2 hours before, in order to avoid the application of the tariffs referred to in the previous point.


If the asset stops working, the lessee must immediately notify the no. 389 55 397 75 so that the landlord can provide the necessary assistance. The replacement of the rental object, with another of equal value, for the entire duration of the contract, is always possible.


If during the contract, the leased asset suffers damage due to inadequate treatment and/or vandalism by the lessee and/or third parties, the restoration (both the cost of any parts and the relative labour) will be entirely at the expense of the lessee.


In the event of total or partial breakage, total or partial theft, loss of the leased asset, the cost of the same will be charged entirely to the lessee according to the corresponding market value, in addition to the cost of any labor necessary for the restoration.


In the event of theft, the lessee is expressly obliged to lodge a complaint with the competent authorities and to notify the lessor immediately.


The lessee expressly indemnifies the lessor for any damage caused to himself or to third parties, as well as from any liability deriving from the custody and circulation of the leased property. The lessor is therefore exonerated from any liability for material and non-material damage to persons and/or things caused by the lessee and/or third parties. In the event of an accident, the lessee must immediately report the fact to the competent authorities, as well as immediately notify the lessor.


The lessee assumes full responsibility for all penalties inflicted on him during the term of the contract for incorrect use of the rented property.


The lessee, for the entire duration of the contract, undertakes not to allow third parties to use the leased asset, otherwise assuming full and exclusive responsibility for all damages, patrimonial and otherwise, possibly caused by them to things and/or or people. It also assumes full responsibility for providing for the reimbursement of the full value of the asset in the event of loss, theft and partial and/or full deterioration, perishing of the same.


The lessee is expressly prohibited from subletting the leased property to third parties for the entire duration of the contract.


The lessor is not in any case responsible for damages to things or people (lessee or third parties) deriving from failures and/or operating defects of the leased property and of the supplied kit, not attributable to the same.


Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree n.196/03 and subsequent amendments and additions, the processing of data, including sensitive data, is authorized pursuant to art. 23 Legislative Decree cited. including the treatment carried out by IT means and/or in any other way, for the purposes instrumental and connected with the performance of the professional activity.


Any dispute that may arise relating to the interpretation and/or execution of this contract will be devolved exclusively to the Court of Como.


Pursuant to art. 1341 and following of the civil code, the lessee declares to know, accept and expressly approve the following clauses n. 3,11,12,14,16,17, 18,19,20.

Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policy

Please read the booking rules below carefully. Each reservation, after its confirmation, has the value of a contract according to current Italian legislation. The contract is binding for those who make the reservation and for all the other subjects mentioned in the same, including minors.

Gutibikerent reserves the right to check the validity of the credit card before the customer’s arrival by requesting a pre-authorisation from the circuit to which they belong. The Gutibikerent pre-authorization guarantees the temporary availability of the total rental amount, or a part of it, to ensure that the credit card is valid. NO AMOUNT IS COLLECTED. In the event of a negative pre-authorisation, the customer will be notified and the reservation will be cancelled. In this case Gutibikerent will have no obligation towards the customer.

Rental extension:
Rental extension requires an additional reservation, and is subject to availability and/or rate changes.

Cancellation Policy (individual bookings)

Any cancellation of reservation must be communicated in writing. For the cancellation conditions, please refer to your booking confirmation.
In case of cancellation or modifications made up to 5 days before date of arrival, no cost will be charged . For cancellations or changes after the aforementioned term, the amount paid as a deposit will be charged to the credit card given as guarantee.

No refund is due to the Customer who decides to interrupt the rental already undertaken and therefore is required to pay the entire rental for the booked period.

NoShow: (non-presentation)
In case of no-show, and in the absence of cancellation, the total amount of the stay will be charged.

GROUP Booking and Cancellation Policy

By making a reservation, the one who completes the process is identified as a contact person for the group and confirms that he is authorized by the other participants to adhere to the Booking Conditions and the Cancellation Policy of Gutibikerent. The group contact person is responsible for the total billing for all bookings confirmed by him. Requests after the expiry date must be communicated directly and exclusively by the group leader. Reservations do not include changes. It would be necessary to cancel your reservation and make a new one.

To confirm the booking, a deposit of the items booked will be required, visible through the booking platform.

Causes of force majeure

The management declines all responsibility for disservices due to accidental breakdowns of the equipment or other causes of force majeure. We decline all responsibility for damages caused by other Customers, by atmospheric events, natural disasters, epidemics, diseases and thefts.

Do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address: or at the contact details indicated on the website , our staff is always available for all your requests.

The user declares to have read and to accept these conditions. Any further information on the rental/lease conditions of services can be seen through a Google search of Article 1587 of the Civil Code.

Argegno, September 2021